Saturday, February 12, 2011


So many times we focus on the question why. Why did this happen to me? Why not something else? But are we asking the right question? There are definitely times where we should ask why, but I think we need to ask the question so that we find the answer. Too many times we're willing to ask the question but not put the effort in that it takes to find the answer.

I look at my life and at different points in my life there are different answers to the question why. Sometimes the answer is that I wasn't where I needed to be. My relationship with God wasn't what it should have been. Now though, my mind is made up. My path has been chosen. I may not know what tomorrow brings, but I am trusting in Gods promise to give me hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 God knows the plans He has for me. So I'm choosing not to lead, but to be led. Because when I allow God to lead me my life is much better. So if you see me smiling more, don't wonder why. Know it's because I'm trusting the One who holds my future.


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