Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Stories, our lives are full of them. Each day we wake up and live our lives. We make choices that write our stories. A lot of times I get stuck in the pages of my life and forget there is a whole book with chapters still to be written. I don't always see the role I play in Gods story. You see my story isn't really my story at all. It's the story God is choosing to write about me. I can take the pen and write, but it always ends up bad. So I've chosen to give the pen back to God and let Him write my story. It's not always easy to give up control. But it is definitely worth it. Because I know Gods plan is better than mine. The parts of my story that I've written are covered in scribbles and erases and mess ups. In the coming chapters I look forward to seeing where God leads me as I let Him use me and control my life.

So I end with this. Who is writing your story?

Ramblings of a modern day Pharisee

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