Sunday, January 23, 2011


When people find out that I drive approximately 75 miles each way to church they ask me why, what's so special about that church. Well let me explain it here. I'll start from the beginning.

About 4 months ago I reconnected with one of my old friends Dan, from college. We talked and said we should hang out and he invited me to fellowship church in Glen Mills, where he is on staff. It worked out that I came to fellowship in October on the last Sunday of loveweek. This happened to be a special Sunday where the girls would be in the service with me. We got there and I could immediately tell there was something different, I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it was different. The girls worshipped with me for the first time in over two years. In the middle of singing mighty to save I started crying because Anna and Sadie were standing beside me singing out with all they had that our God is mighty to save, and with tears streaking down my face I sang with them. Pastor Eric talked a little about what love week was and things they had already done that week. We were given the opportunity to go out and buy items for a food pantry. We were told we didn't have to as visitors, but I wanted Anna and Sadie to learn to give. How could they do that if I didn't model that to them? So we went and bought a few items and gave them.

This was the beginning of some serious lifechange for me. You see I was in a place where I didn't have very much hope. I hadn't been keeping my heart as close to God as I should have. So since then my daughters and I have been going back whenever I don't work Sundays. Now let me tell you what keeps me coming back.

1. Lifechange- I see my life changing because of the teaching and support I get from fellowship.
2. My daughters love going to church, and they remember what they learn there. Two stories to go with this. Today Anna told pastor Eric that the main service is boring and she loves the kids service, and Eric said that was great. He meant it too. Also just last week Anna was talking about when we went to acme and bought those items for the food pantry. She remembered 4 months later about what we did our first Sunday at fellowship.
3. Teaching- I love the teaching at fellowship. I have not walked away from a service without saying God spoke directly to me. It isn't just about what I hear on Sunday either, it's about the life application that happens throughout the week too.
4. People- from the moment I walked in I was blown away by the people at fellowship. Not just greeted, but everyone is friendly. Someone walked around with me and showed me where the girls went and helped me sign them in and then she called me during the week to see how things weeds and if I had any questions.
5. Music- the music is amazing. The whole band, led by Austin, is amazing. Weekly they lead us to the throne of God.
6. Staff- Eric, Dan, Austin, Ben, and everyone else is amazing. I don't know of a group of more passionate people. They are definitely changing the world for Christ. Everything is done with the thought of leading people to Christ.

I chose fellowship as my church, because the church made it impossible for me not to.

So in case you were wondering that's why.

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