Friday, March 11, 2011


So I'm going to pose a question to start off this blog. Is there really anything that is impossible with God? I just finished reading Sun Stand Still today and over the last week it has changed my view of miracles and my view of faith. I guess things really started changing over the last few months and reading this book really helped me understand where I'm at. Fellowship church has really shaped my view on how God can work. I used to pray safe prayers and think maybe God would answer, but I'm learning to pray for things bigger than me and expecting God to make them happen. I'm exercising audacious faith.

I used to think the miraculous was something saved just for the Bible. That it didn't happen anymore. Now I'm thinking it has more to do with us having less faith then they did. Do I have enough faith to believe I can pray for impossible things and that God will answer them? God can do anything period. There isn't a but there. If we are faithful to God He will be faithful to us.

So I'm praying audacious prayers and expecting God to answer them. Already this year i've seen God work in my life in ways that I thought were impossible. So I'm praying bigger prayers now. And I'm expecting God to answer.

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